My Mama’s Birthday Poem

As this is my first post, I thought I would go with something simple.  Mother’s Day was on Sunday and I found myself thinking of Moms (duh!) and poetry.  Since today is my Mother’s birthday (she turned 73!), I decided to write a poem for her using some of my own experiences as a mother of three beautiful children.

I would describe my mother as Graceful and Loving and I typed up what I hope is something that can speak to Motherhood and specifically to my Mom and how much I love and adore her.

Without further shaking and stalling and coming up with all sorts of reasons why I can’t and shouldn’t do this, below is my Mama’s Birthday Poem titled simply:


Small being erupts into loving arms
Cold, harsh place
Comforted in soft warmth
Arms surrounding… safe…

Mama… Magical

Wet kisses, plump hands, soft eyes
Masterful moments
Atop building blocks… stories… toys
Needs… needing and needful

Mama… Joyful

Enveloped in laughter… words among equals
Immense bodies rushing into
Surrounding arms… respectful spaces
Joyful inevitability

Mama… Loving

Soon, fulfilled emptiness… echoes of laughter
Tiny to enormous
Wonder in motion
Gracefully delighted
Of Mother

3 thoughts on “My Mama’s Birthday Poem

    • Thank you, Tracy! I wrote it for my Mom, but I definitely drew on my own experiences and having almost-grown children myself.


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