Another Chuck Wendig flash fiction (love this guy!).  This one had to be 100 words or less and it had to make the audience feel something.  I was trying to be whimsical and otherwordly, but I think it ended up as a not-so-deliberate metaphor for something else.  Also, super challenging to stay within 100 words.  But, once again, I am shocked and amazed that I am inspired and able.


Lilly looked up, scanning the myriad colors in their delicate arc across the sky until she found it once again.  The golden glow emanated and pulsed, rising up from the distant point where the colors coalesced.  Her destination.

Knowing her limitations as a turtle didn’t stop the measured inevitability of her quest.  Sometimes she crawled laboriously alone.  Other times a friendly breeze carried her a few paces, leaving her radiantly buoyant and ever closer to the imminent horizon.

She could not have imagined beforehand the limitless wonder she would find when she finally succumbed to her destiny.

2 thoughts on “Destiny

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