Random Funny Moment (in which I admit my own stupidity)

After picking up my son from his Nana’s tonight, I was driving out of her subdivision listening to tales from elementary school.  His Nana lives in an area with incredibly steep hills  and tiny roads where you think two cars just can’t fit.  I was waiting to turn left onto one such road when I saw a car driving up the hill.  He flashed his brights and then, when I turned, he did it again.  It’s not like it was a steady flashing or anything, but it definitely made me wonder what he was doing… for about a second.

I got so caught up in the funny tale my son was telling me that it went straight out of my head.  I also didn’t realize how fast I was going, not that it’s hard to go fast down that hill.  When I looked down I was at 40 and the sign posted is 25.  I hit my brake and just as I did I looked up and saw a motorcycle cop just hanging out on his bike clocking me.  It all happened in creepy slow motion, you know, when you scream nooooo really slow and put your hands up as if to stop it.  Our eyes met, he lifted his hand and nodded his head in a weird sort of wave and I drove on.  I have no idea why he didn’t pull my ass over.

I reached the bottom of the hill and had to stop at a four-way. When I looked in my rear view, the cop was pulling over the car that was behind me.  That guy had to be rocketing down that hill.

I continued listening to my son until we reached the house.  I swear he was still talking when I got out of the car and went up to the door.  The kid seems to have no sense of ending a conversation, so I tend to try and help him with that by getting out of the car.  It usually doesn’t stop him, though, as he was still talking away as we went inside the house.

Once inside, I got ready for my run and took off.  It wasn’t until I was about a half a mile into it that it dawned on me.  (I know, I know… how stupid can I be?)  The guy that was flashing his lights?  Yeah, he was warning us of the cop.  I guess there are still good people out there, and I just want to say thank you to the person who was thoughtful enough to do that, even though I was just dumb or whatever and didn’t get it until it was too late.  Luckily the cop was nice (if there is such a thing) and let me pass.

I’ve had some bad moments with the good ole police in my life, so it was nice to have one actually turn out okay.  I guess I will give a half-hearted thanks to him too, for letting me go, even though I’m almost positive he clocked me going 40 in a 25.

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