Training Update (Updated)

I wrote most of this blog yesterday and planned on posting it last night when I got home, but I currently don’t have internet at my house and it won’t be fixed until Thursday.  *sigh* It’s crazy how much we depend on technology these days.  Anyway, I decided to post it the way I saved it yesterday.  It’s a bit unfinished, but I will add in closing (at the beginning, which is pretty weird, but what the hell…), I’m excited about training and all the positive changes it has brought in my life: toning my flabbiness, losing a bit of weight and the best part, acting as my drug on days when depression wants to kick my ass!

I hope you all have a fabulous day (or what’s left of it), however you choose to spend it.

Written June 16, 2014:

In order to prevent my mind from pursuing the sticky cobwebs it is determined to fall into today, I have decided to do an update on training and how it is going so far.  My sister posted today that it has been about a month since we started training.  Wow!  I can’t believe it.  I haven’t been much of an exerciser in my life; in fact, there have been many times when I’ve said “yeah, I don’t do that!”  I only took up running out of some sort of concealed jealousy thing and ended up loving it.   But not enough to train consistently or anything.  If there was a reason not to run, I found it and basked in it.  It’s too cold today.  Nope.  Not going to run.  I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  Nope.  Not going to run.  I’ve realized in the last month that there is always an excuse.  I’ve given them to myself almost daily and there have been multiple days when I almost gave in.  But I didn’t and I was always happier for it. In the past month there has only been one week where I only worked out three days instead of six.  My own fault, really.  I can blame it on working out in the evenings and having things come up like my daughter’s graduation or choosing to get a Tattoo, but I decided not to beat myself up about it or try and place blame.  It happened.  Pick yourself up and keep on keeping on.

My fabulous sister has decided that since it’s been a month, we need to change things up so we are adding weights to a few of the exercises and doing push-ups in between crawl-outs. When I did the circuits on Friday, I was thinking it was time to add something or do something different.  Not that they are easy.  Far from it.  I think you realize when your body gets to a point where it is ready to push even more, and I’m going to need to push if I plan on making it through the Tough Mudder, which I do!  So, today, we are stepping it up a few notches and I’m almost crazy excited to go home so I can get it done.

The other cool thing about circuit training and running is the running is getting easier and pretty fabulous.  I am slow at best, but my time is improving.  When I first started this process, I wasn’t making it the full 3 miles running.  I had to walk some of it and there were parts where I felt like I was literally going to pass out.  Now, I’m running the whole time and picking up speed.  Super fun to see my time going down.  I’m not as fast as my sister yet, and I’m still slow compared to most runners I hear about, but I’m doing my best not to compare.  I only just started this process for realsy, so I can’t expect to win a 5k one month into it.  (My perfectionist brain is saying otherwise…)

We also decided to run a 5k in July just to get our feet wet.  We missed our normal 5k we do every year because, Tattoo!  It kind of bummed me out.  It’s for a great cause and it was someone my sister knew.  There was always great energy and we haven’t missed it since I took up this running thing.  However, I went online and found an equally great cause in our community and we signed up to run on the 12th.  I like races.  They tend to push you past what you do when you are alone and I’m hoping to beat my best time in a race.

5 thoughts on “Training Update (Updated)

  1. Yay Helen! Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. I know if you keep at it the running will get so much easier. It’s so nice you have your sister to train with!!!


    • It already has. I ran my fastest 2 miles to date last night and I was SO excited! I’m going to push past 3 miles this weekend to get up to 10k, as you suggested on your last blog post. 🙂 Training with my sister has been the best part about this whole thing. We really do push each other and we are both having a blast!


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