Daydreams and Wishes

Chuck’s challenge this week over at Terrible Minds was to write a 1,000 word flash fiction on the new cover for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I happen to agree with him that this photo doesn’t seem to match the story that I know.  In fact, this photo brought things to mind that I didn’t want to delve into in order to write 1,000 words.  So, I decided to write a poem instead.  Just as disturbing perhaps, but at least it’s out of my head and I can move on to the next challenge or blog post or whatever else I decide to do.

Funny how things come to a close once I hit that publish button.  I’m really hoping for closure on this one because it didn’t bring up good things.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my poem inspired by the photo.

Daydreams and Wishes

there once was a girl filled with daydreams and wishes
pink candy rainbows and bubblegum clouds
baby dolls’ carriages
ruffles and bows
tied up in bouncing yellow curls
hopping, skipping, smiling
sparkling blue eyes dancing
playing and clasping in friendships abounding

there once was a girl filled with daydreams and wishes
pink shattered glass floating like ice-covered feathers
orange marmalade on wax painted faces
stern disapproval
quietly mocking voices out of
ruby red lips turned down
vacant blue eyes pleading intently
fingers beckoning, screaming for help
oblivious joy retreating to safer places

6 thoughts on “Daydreams and Wishes

  1. Ooh! I like this, and it makes me shiver. There is something haunted there, and I agree – it seems far too plasticized to fit the story I know. I think I may throw a hat into the ring on this one, for the stretching exercise! =)


    • Thank you, Shanjeniah!

      The picture definitely brings up words, I just didn’t want to delve into them too deeply, so I decided to stick to the few that came to me when I first saw it. Good luck!

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      • It’s crazy to me how much the things around us can affect ur writing. I suppose that’s the same with anything, really.

        I don’t blame you on the picture. I wish I hadn’t stared at it as much as I did! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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