Rediscovering Peace


This was written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday in which Linda prompted us with the prefix “re”.  This screamed for a poem and how many of those “re” words I could use without being completely ridiculous.  It’s startling what the mind comes up with when given so many different words and without having any solid direction.  Once this started, I realized it was a meditation of sorts, and it made it easier to find where it was going.

I think my subconscious is telling me to settle back into peace, no matter what life is throwing at me.  I hope you enjoy!

Rediscovering Peace

Relapsing into silence
The rejection of sound
Receding waves
Recoiling and churning back to
a reawakening

Rediscovering peaceful serenity
Regarding breathe
in and out
Reaching for unlimited

Re-charting a path
Forward through darkness
Reconsidering moments
Thoughts re-sorted,

Reapplied and rewoven
solemn clarity
Opening to limitless reception

10 thoughts on “Rediscovering Peace

    • Thanks! I think I badly needed a break from everything! I’m feeling more refreshed and ready to start a new week with writing and running. 🙂


    • It was one of those things that after I wrote it, I couldn’t quite remember what I had done, so it was purely stream of consciousness. I’m always amazed when that happens. I’m so happy you could read the meditation in it, even though it wasn’t intended when I sat down to write the piece. Thank you, again, for stopping by and taking the time to not only read, but to comment. 😉


  1. <3!

    This is what poetry ought to be in my mind – pouring forth from your deep places, with its own power!

    What a lovely meditation, and a lovely gift to share. It touched me deeply, and I'm coming back to read it again and again. =)


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