A Cancer Story

Today kicks off breast cancer awareness month and I wanted to kick it off on my blog by sharing a poem I wrote last year for my sister.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over two years ago and is a cancer survivor.  I wrote this poem for her on the day she had surgery to remove her right breast.  I can’t even imagine what she has been through; what anyone goes through who is diagnosed with cancer.  But I am so proud of her for choosing to live; for making it through each day and finding herself on the other side.  I love you, Sis! ❤

A Cancer Story

Unaware…unknowing… it came
It’s hard… Fuck!
Will it spread… did it spread
Like peanut butter on toast all gooey and warm and sticky
But no!
This is… not… warm… or gooey

Where is she
Who is she
Is she woman… is she half… is she not…
Her heart still beats
Life still flows
Filthy, nasty hard is gone

She is herself
She is life
She is here
She is whole…with pieces of her gone… she survives…
Gooey and warm and love
She lives and she smiles

19 thoughts on “A Cancer Story

  1. This wonderful and I hope you will not mind that I am going to reblog it . You have inspired me to dig out the poem I wrote for my dear cousin, who also had breast cancer last year. Thankfully she came through this trauma and emerged a whole person just like your sister ! Let’s Kick Cancer .


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