Elements of a Costume

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to my niece’s 16th birthday party. First of all, I just can’t believe she’s 16. It’s not as jarring as when Adelle turned 16, but still… I give my sister crap all the time because she’s now going through things with her kids that I have already managed to get past. Driving, boys, letting them choose which high school they want to attend… And when I say managing to get past it, I mean it emotionally. I wrote a post a while back about how my children’s milestones have affected me far more than my own.

My niece’s birthday invite went something like this:

Video Game Birthday Party – Cosplay (dress up as favorite video game characters and scavenger hunt)

When I first read that, I think I rolled my eyes; although, I have to say it is definitely original. I actually like playing dress-up and have missed dressing up on Halloween the last few years. The people at the place I work now are all pretty straight-laced and no one bothers with it. The last place I worked actually had a contest every year even though I never did anything outrageous enough to win. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it… The last year I worked there, I dressed up as Sinead O’Connor, mainly because I had the bald head to pull it off. I also had a teenage daughter in the house and she had this metallic(ish) prom dress with black knee high converse that brought it all together. I was nominated in the contest but didn’t end up winning (I was totally robbed!).

I wasn’t necessarily planning on dressing up for my niece’s party, but the more I thought of it, the more excited I got. I mentioned yesterday that I played WoW for a few years, and that would be my favorite video game, but all those costumes are outrageous and would be hella expensive to put together. I ended up looking up cosplay on-line trying to find one that would be rather easy and inexpensive to put together. I also talked to my boys about going and what they would do.

Jaxon was the easiest. He’s been playing a lot of Madden and he has a Dallas Cowboy jersey and helmet, so he’s set. Andru had a really tough time because his choices were like mine. Just too hard or expensive to put together. (His first choice was a zealot from Starcraft)

I settled on Annie from League of Legends (something I’ve never played but I know several people who play it, so I’m counting it). Besides, she’s cute as hell and who doesn’t love a pink wig and some pink striped tights?

Andru decided to do Foxy from Five Nights at Freddie’s, although we had to wait and see what we found at the costume store because that one could get expensive too.

So, today, we went to a costume store (rather hard to find now that Halloween just ended) and picked up some things for our costumes.

The different elements for my costume include: a pink wig, pink cat ears (I was super geeked to find them at the store so I wouldn’t have to make them), pink and black striped tights (that’s all they had so I cheated a little cause I know Annie’s socks are pink and white; they aren’t even tights, but whatever). I have a purple dress, so I am good to go. It isn’t the best cosplay; I know some people really get into it and have to match everything exactly.

The elements for Andru’s costume that we found include: fox ears and a tail, a hook and a patch. He’s going to wear some tan pants and… I don’t think he’s figured out the shirt yet. He was looking at pictures and realized most of his top is mechanical, so he isn’t sure what to do. I told him we should get spray paint and paint him all up and he can go shirtless. I don’t think he liked that idea so well.

So, there you have it, our mini-foray into cosplay. I’m excited to get all dressed up for my niece’s birthday party next weekend. It also made for some super fun shopping with my son and my boyfriend looking on shaking his head and laughing at our silliness. The next step is to convince him he needs to dress up too.ย  So far, he’s not so into it.

This post was written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday where Linda prompted us to write about element.


19 thoughts on “Elements of a Costume

  1. I’ve been an Orion Slave Girl. At actual conventions. Just sayin’…

    Foxy is Annalise’s favorite FNAF character. There are pictures of him all over. She’s now puzzling over the costume idea.. she’s suggesting silver knee-high boots for the exoskeletal legs (combining fashion, anatomy, and storytelling is a triple win for her…

    I’m wondering if duct tape and a Sharpie or two might not be a fairly inexpensive and practical solution?

    And I’m sharing Annalise as Chica, because I know you’ll appreciate it! =D

    When Chica Attacks


    • Thanks for the tips! I’ll let him know about the duct tape and sharpie. It just might be the best way to go. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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