Do You Want Your Phone Back?

Sometimes when I read the SoCS prompt, I have a pretty good idea what I want to write and it just flows onto the screen and maybe thirty minutes later, I’m posting it. Then there’s days like today when I sat and thought but nothing was coming to mind. In those instances I usually resort to playing games on my phone until I can work it through and then I immediately jump into it.

So, I was playing Candy Crush (horribly addictive game that I wish I could delete, but I’m on level 740, so it just isn’t happening) and Andru was playing a game on his phone. Andru is the serious gamer in the house. He spends most of his time on the computer on one of three games – Minecraft, Starcraft and Diablo III. He always likes showing me what he’s doing and can talk for hours about processes and what’s happening. He also does this rather annoying thing where he asks me for help. I love helping him, but what makes it annoying is that I have no idea what he’s doing. I don’t know his character or the abilities he’s working with and I tell him this, but it still hasn’t stopped him from asking for help.

He was playing a weird game on his phone so I was mindlessly listening to him and playing my game. At one point I told him, “I have no idea what you’re even talking about. I’ve never played that.”

Next thing I know, he shoves his phone in front of me and says, “Here, Mom, play it! It’s really fun. And look, it gives you a tutorial,” as he starts to press buttons and show me how to play. Sighing, I put down my iPad and proceeded to help him. And what do you know, five minutes later I’m a few levels in and I’m really working to try and figure this game out with Andru giving me pointers at my shoulder.

After about six levels I said, “Do you want your phone back?”

“No, Mom. You play it.”

About fifteen minutes later it was to the point that Andru asked, “Mom, do you want me to show you?” as he was wringing his hands because he knew the answer and was dying to show me, but I replied, “No! I want to figure it out!”

Finally, I said, “Here, let me give you your phone back and I’ll download it on my own phone, damn you,” which he thought was so funny we spent the next few minutes laughing.

Now, I have another game on my phone/iPad and have spent far too much time this morning playing it. And just in case your curious and maybe wanted to check it out (haha) it’s called Lightbot One Hour Programming. I’m actually thankful there weren’t that many levels so it wasn’t too hard to actually finish before it sent me to an ad to buy more games.

Most of the games on my phone have been suggestions from other people; but let’s be honest, mainly my kids. Adelle and I were sitting at her school waiting for a play to start, I don’t know a year ago, and one of her friend’s was playing a game so we both decided to download it. For the next two weeks, I played 2048 whenever I could and it only let up when I actually got the 2048 tile. I was less annoying about getting the next two big tiles, 4096 and 8192 and don’t have much interest in getting the one after that, but it’s still on my phone and I will play it every once in a while.

The next one my kids geeked about was Don’t Step on the White Tile. That one wasn’t as addictive for me because it actually gave me a headache, but I spent a good two weeks and almost an entire evening playing it with my kids, trying to get the next best score. I don’t have that one on my phone anymore.

I’d heard about Clash of Clans but didn’t really think anything of it until Adelle started playing it. I had surgery after Thanksgiving last year and was bored, so I ended up downloading it and playing it quite a bit. It was on my phone until about an hour ago. As I was thinking about games, I realized I didn’t get any enjoyment out of that one anymore and there was no reason to keep it on my phone, spending time every day collecting resources to upgrade something that took days; that’s not to mention how long it takes to save up enough resources while you’re getting attacked and… well, it goes on and became not so fun. I wasn’t much of a “let’s go attack this clan” kind of player, which ultimately doesn’t make for happy fun times at the level I was at. I feel very liberated now that it’s permanently been deleted from my life!

This post has really gone on, and the sad thing is, I could keep going. In the end, I’ve realized what types of games I really enjoy and I’ve also realized that it’s harder than you would imagine to delete the ones I don’t really like to play anymore simply because of the level I’m on.

Sometimes, I wish I could go back to simpler times when my afternoons consisted of reading a book and watching a movie rather than “Yes! I have five lives in Candy Crush. I need to see if I can pass this insanely ridiculous level!”

This was brought to you courtesy of Stream of Consciousness Saturday where our wonderful guest, Pav, prompted us with “back”.


7 thoughts on “Do You Want Your Phone Back?

  1. While I’ve resisted getting addicted to games on my phone, I had a serious problem Webkinz games a couple of years ago. Did your kids have any of those stuffed animals that gave you access to the Webkinz site? Back then, the whole site was free, but my kids desperately needed Kinz Cash to “buy” various features for their rooms. I spent many hours playing Cash Cow, Tile Towers, Quizzy’s Corner, etc., to earn Kinz Cash for them. Except that I kept playing, long after the necessary “cash” had been earned.

    Is being addicted to WordPress any better? I’m not sure. I enjoyed your post, Helen. 🙂 So far, I’ve been stumped by “back” as well, but I had a glimmer a second ago. Unfortunately, I have more than exceeded my self-mandated allotment of WordPress time for the day. Decorating the tree or SoCS? That’s an easy one for me. 🙂

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    • I never got into the Webkinz, but it’s all pretty much the same; getting addicted to games for whatever reason. And, yes, WordPress is a tough one. I find myself reading and reading and never able to catch up. It sucks my life away. It sounds like we both need to find balance. 🙂

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  2. I have that addictive personality and will fall down the black hole of those games — on the phone or the computer — for days at a time, then emerge, bleary-eyed and exhausted, wondering why the hell I wasted all that time.

    Then I sober up and read and write like a demon for a few weeks until the next shiny game catches my eye…


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