Music Flows In My Veins

I love music. I think I would go so far as to say music is in my veins and keeps my heart beating on days when it wants to stop or doesn’t see a reason to keep on beating (which is actually the same thing but sounds more dramatic when you say both of them).

I’ve always loved music. I started taking piano lessons at a young age and didn’t really appreciate it until I was introduced to the minor key. It wasn’t even something I knew, really, it was more something I felt. I remember my piano teacher commenting that I must really like music in a minor key because I played it so much better, or something. I think the first composer who really hit me in the gut was Chopin. I’m not sure I remember the names of any of his music right off hand, but I do remember that it was one of his songs that I played when my music teacher said that to me.

I think many creative things – music, writing, painting, to name a few – are more when they are created with emotion. I know I tend to engage more when I can see a singer who feels the music rather than someone who just goes through the motions of hitting all the notes and singing the lyrics correctly.

Music is one of those things that can take me to another place; like I’ve stepped outside of myself and into the music and it swirls around me and fills me up almost to the point I can’t breathe. It brings tears to my eyes and sends chills up and down my body. I know other people feel this too, but when you’re in the midst of it, you believe you’re the only human alive and it’s just you and this song. Not every artist sings like that and not every piece of music brings those stirrings to life inside of me, but every once in a while, or quite a lot actually, I hear something that simply takes my breath away.

(I can’t post actual videos, but I can post links, so if you don’t click on any other link that I might share, I hope you click on the first one I’ve linked to below.)

Adelle texted me about two months ago and told me to check out an artist on YouTube. I have her to thank for a lot of my new music interests, and most of the time when she says, “Mom, you’ve got to listen to this!”, I end up loving it or downloading it or going to a concert or whatever…

The artist is Chase Holfelder and his specialty is taking songs in a major key and turning them into a minor key. The one song that really got me and still haunts me is Girls Just Want to Have Fun. There’s just something about the way the key changes the entire meaning of that song, especially when he sings the lyrics:

Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun

I also think he did something pretty special with Every Breath You Take.

There’s something almost magical that can happen when you get the perfect music, the perfect voice and it all blends and builds with the most beautiful and profound lyric. There are also some pretty ridiculous, and by ridiculous I mean absolutely fabulous, harmonies going on in both songs.

I was a pretty huge advocate of singing competitions when they first showed up and even imagined myself trying out for one before I reached the age limit and couldn’t do it anymore. I know that there are shows now that don’t have the limit, but I’ve passed the point in my life where I want to jump into it. I’ve found other creative outlets (writing), but music is something that will always be a part of my life in one form or another. I stopped watching those shows because it became not so much about the talent as it was a beauty/popularity contest and it seriously bugged me, but for some reason the last few months I found myself watching The Voice. I watched some of the first season and didn’t really care for it, but I have to say, I think it’s developed into a much better show than it was; but I probably still wouldn’t have kept watching it this time. I think I realized tonight that I kept watching it for a particular singer.

I’ve loved almost every song he has sung on the show; songs that are iconic and I’ve heard many times, or ones I have heard on the radio since he sang them and thought, “Dang, his was better than the original!” It’s Matt McAndrew and some of my favorites were:

The Blower’s Daughter
Make It Rain
Wasted Love (His debut single)

Anyway, I’ll get off my musical soap box now. I hope you click on some links and enjoy some great music!

6 thoughts on “Music Flows In My Veins

  1. Thanks for your thoughts sweet girl. I am so glad that you always loved music. I loved listening to you play and sing. I went on the links and listened to a couple of songs. Not bad. beautiful lyrics.

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