Love Happens

I almost skipped Thain in Vain’s challenge again this week, but it’s the last one of the year and of all the challenges I’ve participated in since I started blogging, I’ve been inspired by this one the most. This week our prompt was Start your story with: “I’m telling you this story because you are the only person I can trust not to judge me . . .”

The first story I thought about when I read the prompt was really dark and I think that’s why I decided to skip it because normally I can’t get past that first idea to write something different. But this time, I was able to do it and I’m happy to finish this story challenge on a lighter note.

Love Happens

I’m telling you this story because you are the only person I can trust not to judge me. You are, after all, the love of my life; the person I trust the most in this world, and if I can’t tell you this and trust that you won’t look at me sideways on cold, rainy days when we’re alone in the house, then I must be mad.

I’m one of those weird fools who believes love can happen just like that! Snap your fingers, blink your eyes, oh shit, a connection just happened. And yeah, maybe you’re saying, “but that’s not love,” and you’d probably be right. But I believe it can start that fast and you really know, deep down, if a person is right for you or not, almost from the beginning. If only I’d known that sooner. I could have saved myself some serious pain and maybe not brought as much baggage along with me when we met.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to think when I signed up to date online. It was scary and strange, and I was wary after being hurt so many times in the past. I didn’t have much faith that anything would come of it, but decided to look at it as a new adventure; a new beginning.

It took a few weeks for anything to really happen and I was pretty lackluster when I saw your profile after you pinged me. I had a friend tell me to move on to the next guy, but my instincts kicked in and I answered your ping. It was crazy how quickly we were talking on the phone and before I knew it, we had plans to meet for dinner.

I was spectacularly nervous. Maybe that’s why when I first saw you, I took one look and thought, I’ll give this guy dinner and then I’m out. I honestly had no intention of seeing you again, talking to you again and if I’d dared, I might have just turned right around and walked the other way entirely.

I almost can’t believe those were my first thoughts after seeing you the first time, because little did I know that dinner would lead to drinks and six hours later we would be reluctant to say goodbye. I’ve never talked like that with anyone or felt a connection quite like that before.

That’s not to say this road has been an easy one. I might believe in connections and soul mates, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work to stay together. There have been times when I wasn’t sure we’d make it and I think it would have broken my heart for the final time.

What we have is truly special and has changed my life in so many ways. I just thought you should know that even though I wasn’t sure about you or us when I first saw you, I’m so happy I walked up, took your hand and followed you into happiness.

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