Embracing Technology

I grew up in the eighties when technology was just starting to boom. I remember in fourth grade, my teacher told us about this cool new thing that could hold music and you could literally drive over it and it wouldn’t break! She was talking about a CD (I think) but those things aren’t anything like that. They are very breakable and very scratchable; but I think the thing to take from that is that we were all awed by the idea and what was coming, not just in the future, but right that moment!

I’ve been a reluctant technology lover, especially in my personal life. In work, I was never really given a choice. I had to figure out computer systems and when my computer did weird shit, it was easier to try and figure it out then it was to wait for the IT guy. I also watched them whenever they fixed my computer and asked questions and learned. I’ve never been afraid to click buttons, because there was always undo, or I don’t know, it just didn’t break. I always find it odd when people are afraid to click on something for fear of it breaking. I was just never like that.

What I have done is resist new technology at home. I swore I would never get a DVD player because we had a huge library of VHS tapes and I didn’t want to have to start all over again. Do they even make VCR’s anymore? I’m thinking the DVD player will soon be extinct the way things are going… I also swore I would never own a cell phone. If people wanted to talk to me, they could leave a message on my home phone and I would call them when I was home and available. Yeah, I have a cell phone, of course I do. Who doesn’t?

The next thing I resisted was texting. I have a cell phone, but just call me! When my daughter turned twelve, texting was the only way she communicated, so if I wanted to talk to her, I had to learn. Now, I actually prefer a quick text because I very much dislike bugging people. Besides, have you noticed that people don’t set up their voicemail? Or is that just a kid thing? None of my kids have voicemail. I didn’t set mine up on my new phone until I had to start looking for a new job. I really don’t like it when people leave me a message. I can see who’s calling and nine times out of ten, I will call back without even listening to the voicemail; at which point, I have a voicemail that I have to listen to because I have OCD issues and those little indicators cannot be on my phone. Anywhere.

Technology… right.

The very last thing I’ve been resisting is books (I could technically find more resistance somewhere, but it feels like the last thing). It’s not that I’m going to give up on paper books. I think I will always have a love affair with those. But, I’m thinking it might just be easier and faster and less expensive to start using the iBooks on my phone/iPad. My biggest issue is that I have to go out and find books; either a second hand book store, a library, Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Not that it’s an issue to spend time in those places. It isn’t. It’s more the wait for it to get here once it’s ordered. It’s trying to find which library the book is at, the driving to get it, hoping it hasn’t been checked out by someone else; although, now you can have it transferred to the library of your choice, but there’s still a wait. There is also the issue of it not being there; driving all the way to Barnes and Noble only to find they don’t even carry it anymore!

I just spent about thirty minutes online and I found every book I want to buy and I could have them right this moment rather than waiting for them to come in the mail, or waiting to get off work to take a drive in my car. I don’t know. It is sounding nicely convenient. Besides the fact that blogging adds the whole genre of authors who only publish online so if I want to start reading their stuff, that’s the only option I have. There is also the cool benefit of being able to read whether there is a light or not. Remember book lights? I have a few somewhere, I just don’t read anything but my phone when I’m lying in bed in a dark room. Maybe now I can read books.

What about you? Have you embraced reading technology?

This post is part of Just Jot It January hosted by Linda G. Hill.

JJJ 2015

13 thoughts on “Embracing Technology

  1. E-books were my last hold-out too. Now I find them most convenient only because as long as I have my phone with me, (which I always do) I have my book with me. And as long as I have internet access, my page is kept across all devices. Vacation? Why drag along a heavy book when it’s right there in your pocket? So I’ve started reading more than one book at a time for the first time in my life. I keep one beside my bed and only read it before I sleep and for the rest of the time, it’s what ever I’m reading electronically.
    Best of luck giving in. You know you’re gonna do it. 😉

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  2. I bought the first generation Kindle, upgraded to the second, then the third… and am thinking about buying the newest… I’m a reading geek! I embraced the Kindle and never looked back.

    I love the immediate gratification of having a book appear in seconds on my device. What do I miss? Hanging out in bookstores on Sunday mornings, taking a stack of books to the ‘coffee area’ in the store and deciding which I’d buy. A trip to the bookstore was a weekly treat – and I do miss that.

    Enjoy your e-reading experience!

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  3. I resisted texting forever, but it is SO handy with kids. Now I’m like you and dislike voicemail.

    The one drawback to my nook (or the Kindle app on my phone) is that I can spend too much money too easily: I was given the third book in a trilogy not long ago. As soon as I finished it, I bought the first one . . . and then the second. But you can check out e-books from the library–I was so impatient to read the next book that I forgot!

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  4. Oh man we’re so alike!

    I actually have 3 VCRs in my closet that I’ve purchased at Goodwill. I buy one every now and then because I have TONS of VHS and I’m not rushing out and buying em on DVD. No money for that! When a VHS tape breaks, THEN I rebuy it on DVD.

    I resisted ebooks forever but with the birth of my toddler and that she sleeps with me… yeah, ebooks are all I’ve got. And I’m hooked.

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  5. We still watch our VCR. We have wonderful movies and hate to give them up. I find technology way to complicated at times. We are going to buy a tablet. I see people using them all the time and wonder how it would be to pull up a book and read it. Thanks for the great article.

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