Love Is In Da Blog – Lost Love

Where would I be without a prompt? And who doesn’t love LOVE? I for one am in love with it, so why not devote an entire month to writing about it?

Since this was my first day at the new job and I’m more tired than I can say from just being bored (first days are pretty horrible), it was difficult to think of something to write about, so I decided to take some ideas from the prompt and I tried my hand at a Golden Shovel poem.

My inspiration was the line: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in her Sonnet 43 found here. I hope you enjoy my short poem today.

Lost Love

I shudder to think of how
I will ever make do,
Someone as lost as I,
Without you, my Love

If only I could ask thee

I sigh for now and let
the memories wash over me
and endeavor not to count
the days, weeks, months, the
endless moments until I return to your ways

Brought to you as part of Love Is In Da Blog hosted by Bee. Feel free to jump in with the rest of us!

Love Is In Da Blog

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