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I have to confess something; I never actually called my grandmother “Grandma Myrtie” but I wish every day that I had because I think it fits her so much better. I don’t know why I was forced into calling my grandparents such proper names. I even passed it onto my own children and it drives me crazy! I’m all for the cute names that grandparents call themselves these days and I for one am going to come up with something my grandkids can call me that isn’t as formal and will hopefully bridge the gap and have the added benefit of not making me feel old!

I was named after both my grandmothers but for some reason, I always gravitated more towards my middle name. There was even a point when I thought of legally changing my name and as I was thinking about it today, I realized it might have had a deeper meaning than I at first thought. Maybe I had a deeper connection with my Grandma Myrtie than I realized and that makes me happy because I love her so much and I miss her every day.

I decided to write an acrostic poem for her and share it with you all today. This is to you, Grandma, wherever you are. Just know that I love you; I appreciate everything you did for us behind the scenes and I wish I’d seen the real you that you didn’t feel you could show us.


Grandma Myrtie

Gently floating around the edges of my life
Regal, noble, strong
Always loving
Notably discerning
Determined presence in
My growth; finally finding
A wary balance

Mysteriously happy
Years flying by
Ripples of
Time I spent
In her beautiful,
Everlasting presence

This is part of Love Is In Da Blog hosted by Bee. Today we were prompted to write about grandparents. Fell free to click the links and join the love!

9 thoughts on “Love Is In Da Blog – Grandma Myrtie

  1. When I saw your grandmother I wondered if all our grandmothers sit together wherever they are after passing having a cup of tea (or coffee, or champagne, or….. 😉 ) chatting about their children and grandchildren :-). Great poem!

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