SoCS – Varying Degrees of Uncertainty

Varying Degrees of Uncertainty

Varying degrees of uncertainty
Overwhelm a gentle heart
Am I loved?
Do I love?

Ambiguous answers streaming from a
Not quite open mouth
Will I speak?
Can I speak?

Very soon, it seems,
Clarity rears it’s head
As I watch, he walks away
Very calmly… very slowly…

Waiting for words
That never come

This is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G. Hill. Our prompt today was vary/very. I’ve been combining SoCS with the A to Z Challenge all month, but this morning when I read the prompt, a poem just blossomed in my head. Thank goodness for my iPhone and the notes because that’s where I wrote it down so I would have it when I got home. Feel free to click on the link and join in.


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