#frapalymo – Yearning for Peace

Yearning for Peace

Water softly rippling
lapping at the edges
of longing
of happiness
of moments spent
yearning for peace

Running through fields
searching for joy
in light
in wonder
in darkness thrown open
Arms reaching wide

Divine acceptance
Finally home

I am taking part in a month of poetry that Bee is translating over at The Bee writes, originally hosted by @FrauPaulchen. I missed the April month of poetry because I was doing the A to Z challenge, so I was super happy to find this one. The prompt can be found on Bee’s page via the link above. The prompt today was “everything goes better with music” and I listened to all fifteen minutes of Schuhmann (a beautiful song) and this poem spilled onto paper. If you like poetry and you didn’t participate in the April challenge, feel free to click the link and join us.

English frapalymo

11 thoughts on “#frapalymo – Yearning for Peace

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