#LoIsInDaBl Day 25 – Rivendell

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always really loved elves.  I know they are snobby, elitist jerks sometimes, but of all the fantasy races I’ve read about, they are the ones I always wanted to be.  And when I think of a fantastical destination, the only one I ever really wanted to visit was Rivendell.

Here are some quotes I found from J.R.R. Tolkien himself:

“For a while the hobbits continued to talk and think of the past journey and of the perils that lay ahead; but such was the virtue of the land of Rivendell that soon all fear and anxiety was lifted from their minds. The future, good or ill, was not forgotten, but ceased to have any power over the present. Health and hope grew strong in them, and they were content with each good day as it came, taking pleasure in every meal, and in every word and song.”

“Elrond’s house was perfect, whether you liked food or sleep or story-telling or singing (or reading), or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all. Merely to be there was a cure for weariness. … Evil things did not come into the secret valley of Rivendell.”


I also remembered a song I heard when I was a teenager, so I looked it up today and the lyrics took my breath away.  They are beautiful and the perfect description of the place I will always consider my number one place to go if it ever decides to find its way into our reality.

Rivendell (Link is for the YouTube video)
Lyrics by Niel Peart (Found on Rush’s website)
Music by Geddy Lee
Performed by Rush

Sunlight dances through the leaves
Soft winds stir the sighing trees
Lying in the warm grass
Feel the sun upon your face
Elven songs and endless nights
Sweet wine and soft relaxing lights
Time will never touch you
Here in this enchanted place

I’ve traveled now for many miles
It feels so good to see the smiles of
Of friends who never left your mind
When you were far away
From the golden light of coming dawn
Till the twilight when the sun is gone
We treasure every season
And every passing day

You feel there’s something calling you
You’re wanting to return
To where the misty mountains rise
And friendly fires burn
A place you can escape the world
Where the dark lord cannot go
Peace of mind and sanctuary
By loudwater’s flow

We feel the coming of a new day
Darkness gives way to light a new way
Stop here for a while until
The world calls you away
Yet you know I’ve had the feeling
Standing with my senses reeling
This is the place to grow old
Till I reach my final day

Love Is In Da Blog is hosted by Bee at Just Fooling around with Bee.  Today’s prompt was “celebrate your imaginary destination”.  I didn’t mean to turn this into a Song Lyric post, but the song was too perfect not to put here.  I hope you enjoy!


8 thoughts on “#LoIsInDaBl Day 25 – Rivendell

  1. You just have to come and visit me LOL there is a place in Aylsham Norfolk, UK called Rivendell. It’s close to where our car gets the MOT. But besides that: Rivendell is clearly a place I would visit with you. No matter how snobbish but in the end, they loved Middle Earth and helped to save it. :-). Great post. Must check out the song!

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