One-Liner Wednesday – How to eat nachos

Every time Andru eats nachos, he always has chips left over that he throws away.  He said it’s because those chips don’t have any cheese on them.  I explained that he could eat one of those chips at the same time as one with cheese on it and this was his response:

“I don’t want to eat two chips at the same time; it will clutter my mouth!”


One-Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Click the link, read the rules and join in now! You won’t regret it!


14 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – How to eat nachos

  1. I don’t really understand nachos.
    Having recently married an American, I now regularly eat what I would loosely term “American food”, but I can’t get my head round the idea that eating crisps (chips, whatever) constitutes a meal.
    A snack, maybe, but dinner?

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