The downside to an overactive imagination

I never really thought I had a big imagination, which actually sounds weird coming from a writer.  I think we need a rather large imagination to write stories, so I obviously have one, but for some reason, I have always down-played it.  I’m not sure that will change, but I was thinking today about something that happened a while ago.

Adelle texted me some pictures of shoes, basically letting me know that she needed some.  Being the concerned Mom that I am, I ordered the ones she wanted, but I ended up ordering a second pair as well (because my baby needs shoes!).  When I went to check out, I was taken to a page to choose some lipstick, a gift for my order apparently.  I started looking at the colors and for some reason forgot that the order was shipping to Adelle.  I picked a color that I was super stoked about and even started imagining myself in front of a mirror putting it on and wearing it every day.  It wasn’t until I went to the next page that I realized everything was going to Adelle, even the lipstick.

I totally forgot about it until today.  She texted me when she got the shoes, but didn’t say anything about the lipstick so I asked her about it today.  She said it’s her favorite and she wears it every day…

Sometimes it’s depressing to realize the things you’ve imagined aren’t real.

Do you ever go to a store and have something you’ve picked out, but you talk yourself out of it because “reasons” and walk out of the store without it?  Only, you realize three hours later that you’re thinking about it and imagining yourself wearing it the next day and you kick yourself for walking away from it because, surprise! You really did want it!

Do you ever dream about something and wake up the next morning thinking it was real?  I’ve literally dreamed of putting on clothes from an amazing wardrobe trying to find something to wear only to wake up and realize nope!  That wasn’t my actual wardrobe, that was my dream wardrobe.  I’ve also shopped in stores all night long and picked out some pretty dope stuff only to wake up and realize it was all just a dream.

I do the same thing with stories.  I’ve written a few stories that created such vivid images in my head that I thought the characters were real people, or at the very least, they were characters in a movie I had watched.

Imagination is a great thing, but it has its downsides.

2 thoughts on “The downside to an overactive imagination

  1. I hear yu. I have done that so many times, see something I want and then talk myself out of it. What characters of habit we are. Loved your post. Thanks for sharing. Love you sweet girl!!


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