Sunday Photo Fiction – The Dragon’s Birth

© A Mixed Bag 2011

“Princess, what are you hiding behind your back?”

Amyris could never keep anything from her Governess, that much was certain.  “You can’t make me tell,” she yelled.  She turned and ran to her chamber, banging the door shut behind her.  Sometimes her willfulness worked, but not today.  Lady Ella was right behind her, demanding the truth.

“Promise you won’t tell?”  Amyris asked with tears in her eyes.

“As you wish,” Lady Ella acknowledged as she sat down on the bed beside Amyris.  She gasped when she saw the item her charge held gently in her hands. “A dragon’s egg,” she whispered.

“Truly?” Amyris asked.  “Oh, how lovely!”


On her fifteenth name day, devastation rained.  Traitors attacked the castle and set fire to her tower.  She was in the bailey when the fire broke out, but she ran towards the tower only to be waylaid by her guards.

“You can’t go in there Princess.  All is lost.”

“No!” she screamed and sank to the ground.  “You don’t understand,” she whispered.

It was dawn before she moved again, and as she slowly made her way towards the rubble, she heard screeching cries that she first mistook for crows.  She soon realized that it was no crow making the strange noise and her life forever after was altered.

The rules for Sunday Photo Fiction are to create a story/poem or something using around 200 words with the photo as a guide, although it doesn’t have to be center stage.  This one comes in at 216 words.


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Happy Sunday!

24 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Dragon’s Birth

  1. Am I interpreting correctly, that she had the dragon egg for a while, and it took the fire to get it to hatch? Lucky fire, then! And once that dragon is full-grown, the traitors will be in trouble.

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