SoCS – Storytelling and History

The book I’m currently reading is “A Feast for Crows” by George R.R. Martin.  It doesn’t really inspire happy thoughts does it?

The first thing that really came to mind was the quote from the book that I texted to my sister because I knew she would find it interesting, if nothing else.  “I prefer my history dead.  Dead history is writ in ink, the living sort in blood.”  I found the quote so interesting and so did she.  It makes me think every time I read it, but it especially makes me think of my sister and her chosen profession.

She majored in history, which I found to be rather odd.  I always hated history in school, but now that I’m thinking about it, I think I disliked it because the teachers always made us remember dates and significant events.  I think if they’d focused more on the amazing stories, I probably would have found more to peak my interest.

My sister is currently working on a project for the university she works for.  She is interviewing World War II veterans and they are compiling everything they can get their hands on.  I somehow found myself in the middle of this project because they needed help transcribing the interviews and I rather flippantly told my sister I could type pretty fast and I could “totally do that”, even though it’s not something I’ve ever done.  Honestly, it was just one of those conversations you have while drinking and talking at a party, but you never really think anything is going to come of it.

However, two days later, I had one of those interviews and I was transcribing it so I could show them and myself how fast I was.  I suppose I didn’t do too badly because they are sending more my way.

The whole point is, though, that I thought I would hate listening to the interviews, but I actually found it so interesting.  This wasn’t a matter of random facts that I had to memorize in school; this was another human being who laughed and talked about his time in the army.  I’m starting to realize that maybe history isn’t such a bad thing and I’ve always turned my nose up at it for all the wrong reasons.

I mean, some of my favorite things are basically about history, like Hamilton (although I realize that is only based on historical events) and some of the podcasts I’m listening to.  If you really break it down, though, it’s about storytelling, and that is exactly what I love.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday  is hosted by Linda G Hill.  Today’s prompt is “book title.” Take the title of the book you’re currently reading or the one sitting closest to you when you’re ready to write your SoCS post and base your post on the title only.


13 thoughts on “SoCS – Storytelling and History

  1. I hated history in high school for the same reasons you list. Then I had an instructor in college who loved history and it turned out I became interested as well. I recommend reading David McCullough, he brings history to life.

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  2. If you’re reading A Feast For Crows, you absolutely *are* reading real history.

    George RR Martin based the Game Of Thrones books on British history – specifically, a particularly nasty period called the War Of The Roses, where the Houses of York and Lancaster (you guessed it – Stark and Lannister) were at each other’s throats for decades, with many betrayals, massacres and monstrous shenanigans.

    The geography of Westeros is really Britain. The Wall is Hadrian’s Wall ( King’s Landing is London. And I’m from York, which is the real-life inspiration for Winterfell!

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