#LyricalFictonFriday – Whisper My Name

Her parting words resonated through Blake’s head as he boarded his flight.  He was expecting hurt and pain and a lot of pleading, but that didn’t happen.  When he told her he was leaving, she’d sat in perfect silence, staring at her hands.  He bumbled through the words he’d rehearsed over and over again, repeating things he’d already said until he fell silent as well.

He’d realized then that he should have left in the middle of the night like all the rest.  He’d almost done it, but he’d changed his mind at the last minute.  He was hoping that everything they’d shared would be enough.

They’d sat in silence for what seemed like hours, until she finally lifted her head.  With one tear slowing trailing its way down her cheek, she whispered, “You won’t live long enough to regret this.”

Even though he should have expected it, he was still shocked.  “You will always have a place in my heart, Elsa, and I wish nothing but the best for you.  I’m truly sorry it had to end this way.”

The only response he’d received was a slight nod, but her eyes spoke volumes.  They glittered with unshed tears and a hardness that he’d seen plenty of times before, but never directed at him.

He felt some relief once he was settled on the plane.  He watched with anticipation as it lifted off the runway.  He should have felt free, but a chill slowly crept up his spine and he shivered.  He bent down and pulled a small blanket out of his pack.  He pulled it up over his shoulders and leaned his chair back.  He needed to try and get some sleep before landing.


It was cold and dark.  He tried to raise his hand, but the blanket was too heavy. He turned his head, trying to find a light, but there was only darkness.


He lurched from the sound and tried to move again, but it was no use.


It was closer now.  Sweat dripped down his face, but he was shivering from cold and fear.


The scream shattered the air and he felt something sharp and hard slam into his chest.  He tried to scream, but realized he couldn’t breathe.  His whole body lurched again, trying to breathe, to move, to live; but it was no use.  He was falling.


“Sir, are you okay?”

Someone was shaking him and he somehow managed to drag himself from the pit.  He slowly opened his eyes and took a deep breath.  Two seconds later, he was yelling from the pain.

“Sir, what happened?  Are you hurt?”

He yanked his shirt up to see where the pain was coming from.  His chest was black and blue.  “What the hell?”

“We’re going to be landing soon.  Are you alright?”

He looked up at the flight attendant and shook his head.  His thoughts were racing so fast, he couldn’t form words, and the pain was getting worse.  He closed his eyes to try and escape the terror.  Elsa’s face appeared in front of him, still whispering his name.

The tightness in his chest grew with each whisper until it finally exploded and he succumbed to the darkness.

#LyricalFictionFriday is brought to us by Simply Marquessa. The lyric prompt she chose was: I’m locked and loaded…completely focused…my mind is open…” from the song Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande.

I’m so excited to have a day off.  I’m even more excited that I actually wrote something, and I’m planning to be a whole lot more present on the blog from here on out.  I hope you’re ready! 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

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