SoCS and #LoveIsInDaBlog Day 10 – Infatuation and Tails

Who doesn’t have an infatuation with puppies?  As far as I know, everyone loves puppies.  As soon as we moved into our new house, Jaxon was asking about getting a puppy.  I told him that they eventually grow up, but he said that was OK.  They were still cute.  I suppose that’s true, but they’re not quite as cute when they’re older, are they?

I remember when we got Max and Melody for our kids for Christmas one year.  They are brother and sister and are a black and chocolate lab, respectively.  They weren’t quite a year old when they had another dog visitor.  They were so excited.  They chased that poor dog all over the house while she just tried to get away from them.  At one point, they both grabbed onto her tail and she basically carried them on her tail, trying desperately to swing them off.

I ended up having to make a tough decision during my divorce to give Melody away, but I think she went to a better place.  There’s just something about the dynamic between a male and female dog that isn’t quite healthy.  At least, it wasn’t in this case.  I would say Max was misogynist, if I didn’t know better.  He pretty much controlled everything and wouldn’t let poor Melody play or have the ball.  She even ate less than he did.  Perhaps they were picking up on the dynamic in that household.  I’ve always said that animals start to take on characteristics of their owners, which is odd if you really think about it.

Max is now, of course, full grown.  I’ve written about him quite a lot on my blog, but perhaps not as much as his sister Sammy.  (They were all from the same litter.)

I really do miss Max.  He was one of my “tragedies” during the divorce.  I told the kids just the other day that maybe we should have shared Max too.  He could have followed the kids back and forth each week.  Probably not the healthiest of situations for a dog… maybe even worse than it is on the kiddos.  That was never even a likelihood, though, because for whatever reason, Max became  my ex’s dog.

Anyway, the one other thing I wanted to mention was Max’s tail.  That thing can hurt!  If he was excited and standing right next to you, you would for sure come away with a bruise.  I used to push him away or try to stop the damn thing from wagging, but when dogs are excited, there’s just no stopping that tail.

My hubby and I are still in debates about whether or not to get a dog.  On one hand, we look at pictures and become infatuated with those cute little faces.  On the other hand, they are a lot of work and they require attention and house training and all sorts of nonsense.  Is that cute little face worth all that trouble?

Tune in sometime in the future and that question just might be answered, for us at least.

Love Is In Da Blog is hosted by Bee Halton. Today’s prompt was “infatuation”.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda Hill.  Today’s prompt was “tail/tale”.

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