SoCS – Messy Buns

I tried to talk myself out of writing about the first thing that came to mind, but then I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I was thinking it wouldn’t make for very interesting reading, but who knows?  Maybe the subject could use a bit more talking about.  Although, that makes it seem like it’s somehow important, and it just isn’t.

As many of you who have been with me almost from the beginning now, I shaved my head once upon a time to support my sister who was going through breast cancer.  It was scary and wonderful and all sorts of things all wrapped on in a package that left me without hair for a few months and lots of months with some pretty awful hairstyles while I grew it back in.  As drastic as shaving my head was, it wasn’t the first time in my life that I whacked my hair off.  In high school, I chopped it all off because I fell in love with Demi Moore’s hair in the movie Ghost, and I rocked that style for quite a while.

I would say my life has been pretty evenly spent in long hair and short hair.  It’s pretty funny to me, though, that when it is long, most of the time it is up in a bun or a pony tail or somehow not just hanging all over the place.  It can be rather annoying, and for people with thick hair like me, it can be heavy!

I sort of miss throwing my hair up in a messy bun.  I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I’ll grow it out again.  I’ve started on this path many times since I shaved it.  My profile picture on my blog is probably the longest I’ve let it grow since then and it just didn’t last very long.  Inevitably, I get to a point where I hate it and I chop it all off again.  One thing I am for sure going to keep doing is the under-shave.  I just have too much hair to let it all grow out.  It does make me wonder how a messy bun will look, though, with some of my head shaved.  At this point, I don’t really think I have a choice.

I like that some sort of shaved head is starting to become more mainstream.  I think we all need to realize that as much as we think our hair defines us, it really doesn’t.  It’s not like a haircut is permanent.  Hair grows back!  So, if you’re thinking about doing something crazy for summer, I’d say jump right in.  It’s all sorts of fun and crazy in here!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday  is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is “bun.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!


26 thoughts on “SoCS – Messy Buns

  1. Yes! jump right in. My daughter went very short and is now growing her hair out again …her choice. My daughter in law also has a partial shave. Hair definitely should not define us.

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  2. Haha! You know, once upon a time I had long hair. When I was a graduate student (in math) I had the typical math geek shoulder-length hair. It was fitting and some days I do miss it but what I don’t miss is the upkeep. I keep my hair cropped short now but not so short that it’s a shave or anything – I still have a full head of hair and I use a scissor cut all around.

    As far as doing something crazy this summer, I have an idea of what that might be for me but it has nothing to do with hair.

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    • The upkeep is the worst!! That’s what keeps me short. 😁

      Dare I guess that you’re thinking of another tattoo? I’m getting there too. I have one in mind… now I just need money and where to put it. Haha


      • Oh no. Done that this year already. But always want more for sure.

        I was thinking maybe this year I’ll get up the nerve to go swimming in a speedo. I already wear booty shorts, it’s not much of a stretch is it?

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      • Glad you see it that way. And yeah, have a two week old tattoo now. Just finished healing. Nonetheless you are right – I’m always thinking about the next one.

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  3. “It’s not like a haircut is permanent. Hair grows back!” Sadly, that’s not true for all of us. Some of us suffer from male pattern baldness, and once it’s gone, it’s permanent. It’s gone forever. *sigh*

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    • I was thinking about that and I should have mentioned that it isn’t true for everyone.

      My hubby took the plunge a few years ago and started shaving his head. He loves it and has never looked back. I know that isn’t the path for everyone, though.

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  4. I play with my hair – have since I was a little girl. So, there’s only a certain length to which I will cut it.

    My hair is thick and heavy and I have a lot of it. But it’s wavy and forgiving, and I spend almost no time with upkeep, so it works. I usually pull the front locks back out of my way when it’s longer.

    My daughter, 13, and I are planning professional cuts in the next few weeks. I’ll go to about my collarbone, because there seems to be a natural point there.

    My husband was balding when I met him on his 33rd birthday. He started shaving early in our marriage, and continued until shortly before his death in January.

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  5. Being in the army I missed out on the 60’s and 70’s long male hair styles, and never had a beard. My hair is now longer than it’s ever been and I may even try a beard. Perhaps I should apply for a Santa job? As you say Helen “Go for it!”

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  6. I tried letting my hair grow but I could not stand it. I cut it short again and love it. I remember when you and your siblings cut all your hair off for your sister Kristine. That was truly an act of love.
    I love your hair short but you have to wear it however you like.

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