I believe poetry is subjective so to say I am or am not a poet, well, I guess it’s as arbitrary as saying I am or am not a writer.  I like words; I like putting words on paper in new and meaningful ways.

I haven’t posted much poetry here, but I aim to do more.  I’m also planning on posting things I have written in years past, I just need to get to my storage space because it’s all in hard copy and not easily available.

Yearning for Peace

Varying Degrees of Uncertainty

Beautiful Woman

Grandma Myrtie

Years and Back


My Love

Lost Love

Beautiful Love

Together One

Beautiful Love

Wonder Not Closed



A Cancer Story

Rediscovering Peace

Daydreams and Wishes


Thoughts on a Morning Hike

Depression – I apologize for this one.  You have to weed through a post about depression to get to the actual poem at the end of it.  Perhaps there’s a better way to do this than simply providing a link to a past post that isn’t a whole new post…

Semper Fi – This must be some sort of trend where I can’t just post a poem, I have to tell a story first.



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