New Beginnings


Coming in just under the wire for Thain in Vain’s week 39 challenge.  This week’s prompt: A public relations (PR) firm’s newest client is a PR nightmare.  I went in a different direction this week, for me anyway.  Coming in at 503 words, I hope you enjoy.

New Beginnings

Brent remembered when sitting at a bar meant surrounded by smoke haze and mystery. Everything nowadays was just too glaringly clear. He was itching for a smoke the way a kid craved ice cream; it hardly mattered that he’d stubbed one out just before walking into the too-bright bar.

He stared down at his sweating glass, ice melting around the half-drunk whiskey. He started when his phone rang, buzzing up his leg and into his groin.

He glanced at the name and answered on the second ring. “Hiya Boss. What’s up?”

“It’s tonight, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Just waiting at the bar for her to show up. She’s late.” Just as he said it, he glanced at the opening door and watched her walk in.

“Speak of the devil and in she walks. I’ll call you as soon as it’s done.” He hit the button to end the call without waiting for a reply and continued to stare, drinking in the sight as smoothly as a shot of Johnnie Walker Black. She was even more stunning in person. Tan legs that went on for days, long black hair that framed a baby doll face, stunning green eyes and full red lips.

After combing through the firm’s dossier, there was only one person he knew would be a problem and he was looking at her. He’d seen the news, heard the gossip. They were a Fortune 500 top ten, after all. He was positive his boss had seen and heard the same things, but he had chosen to go ahead with the acquisition and then passed the account off to him to deal with the mess.

Tonight was about dealing with the mess.

It was hard to reconcile the things he’d read with the woman walking toward him, but one thing was certain. There would be no more passing out in hotel elevators; no more leaving behind blood splatters in bathrooms after shooting up; no more blackmailing the board members she had slept with to keep her quiet.

For Brent, public relations meant late nights in bars and deserted alleyways. He did what needed to be done. It’s probably what had taken him to the top. He knew the company they worked for would be better off without the beautiful woman walking in his direction, smiling her lazy, captivating smile in a way that made him notice, as it was meant to.

He had a lazy smile of his own; knew the effect he could have on women. He used it now, drawing her in, gaining her trust, guessing correctly that she drank gin and tonic and ordering it from the bartender as she brushed against his shoulder and took a seat next to him.

“My, my, you are presumptuous.” Her smile could have melted stone.

He winked at her and waited for her to pick up her drink. She raised an eyebrow as he lifted his glass to hers in a toast.

“Here’s to new beginnings and a fabulous evening with a beautiful woman.”