Flash Fiction

I am so grateful for this process; for the writers who help other writers by posting challenges and giving feedback on writing.  It has allowed me a chance to test my writing, to work on my writing and just generally start believing in myself as a writer; but most importantly, it has pushed me outside that comfort zone of “I’m just not good enough and no one would even want to read what I write” to “holy shit, I have followers and someone actually liked something I wrote!”

Thank you!  Thank you!

I only hope you find as much enjoyment in my stories as I have found in writing them.

Jack’s House

Daddy Are You Listening

A Fairy’s Lullaby

The Fortune (a collaboration)

Cold Blood (a collaboration)

Love Story (a collaboration)

The Beach House

The Doorway

The Queen

Uptown Funk

Love happens

Armored Treasure

The First Time

A Treat For Sammy – Sammy story #4

The Truth About Lucky


Reserved Seating

Death of a Soldier


Sammy’s Bad Day – Sammy story #3


Assimilate Now

Belfry Echo – Collaboration with Thain in Vain (I finished a story she started)

The Storm

The Perfect Choice

New Beginnings


The Voices in Her Head

The Lie

Zit-Faced Idiots

Gruff The Rat – Sammy story #2

The Equal Amateur

The Not Ideal Mighty Fine Workaround

A Daughter’s Choice

Bring Her Back – The Guardians and Jaden’s continuing story

The Forest Behind My House

What She Couldn’t Offer Him

Sammy’s First Hike – Sammy story #1

A Boy or a Man

The Day My Family Fell Apart

The Getaway

The Guardians – Of all the stories I have written so far, this one is by far my favorite.  I still think about it and re-read it sometimes (is that narcissistic of me?).

Mary Pickford

Plant Life

Rising Free

Mirror’s Curse


The Pineapple Peddler


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